February 02, 2011

Jung Min on TV and Radio

I saw Jung Min's upcoming schedule at SS601.
We can see him on TV more often and listen to his voice on the radio.
He seems to be very busy in this month due to lots of schedules.
Here is my translation.

Feb 2   King of Idols (SBS TV 6:00pm) - I think this one is taken in Pattaya.

Feb 3   Luna New Year Special Show, A match of Global Stars (KBS TV 9:50am)
            2011 Star Dance Battle (MBC TV 6:10pm)

Feb 4   2011 Baby Face Contest (SBS TV 6:10pm)
            Super Junior's Kiss the Radio (KBS FM 10:00pm)

Feb 5   Show Music Core (MBC TV 4:10pm)
            Star King (SBS TV 6:30pm)

Feb 6   Variaty Show, A Bunch of Flowers (MBC TV 9:25am)
            SBS InkiGayo (SBS TV 4:00pm)

Feb 7   Yes24 Fan Signing in Seoul at 6:00pm

Feb 8   Park So Hyun's Love Game (SBS FM 6:00pm)
            Park Kyung Lim's Starry Night (MBC FM 10:00pm)

Feb 9   Yes24 Fan Signing in Busan at 6:00pm

Feb 11  Star Magazine1 Interveiw - I don't know what it is. I'll check it later.
             Music Bank (KBS TV)

Feb 12  Star King (SBS TV)
             Going to Japan

Feb 13  Valentine Concert, Gobe

Feb 14  Valentine Concert, Tokyo

Feb 15  Coming back to Korea


liezle said...

Wow so full! Only Feb 10 is free from the list.

Thanks Lois!


Belle said...

Thanks Lois. I love this full schedule! Means we get to see Jung Min. I was so sad on Sunday, now I'm happy. This weekend will be good. Liezle get to see KyuSaeng and we get to oogle JungMin hehehe. TS are not alone!