July 01, 2012

How to get to the venue to send off Kyu Jong on July 23

Finally, July has come. T.T.  As you already know, our lovely boy Kyu Jong will enlist in the army on July 23. Upto now B2M announced the date of his enlistment only.
So I don't know the exact time of Kyu Jong's show up at the venue but I was told the enterance ceremony
of the new soldiers is usually started at 1pm. I think fans should be there as early as possible just in case.

Many overseas fans asked me of the direction to get the venue from Seoul. I Hope this post will be helpful
for you who will come to Korea to send him off. I really appriciate your warm heart for Kyu Jong.

1. From Seoul to JeonJu city 

You can take a train or a bus to get to Jeun Ju city but I recommend you to take a bus.
There are a lots of express buses which go to Jeon Ju from Central Bus Terminal at EVERY 10 MINUTES(!). 
Comparing to train, the fare is also competitive. I attach the below image for your reference.

Also there are intercity buses to go to Jeon Ju from the other bus terminal in Seoul.
I think Korean students fans who can't afford to take an express bus should use this way.
누나팬이나 이모팬에 비해 상대적으로 형편이 여유롭지 않은 우리 규종이 학생팬들은 남부터미널(3호선 예술의 전당역)에 가셔서 시외버스를 타셔도 좋아요. 요금도 고속버스보다 더 저렴하고 시간도 3시간으로 고속버스와 별반 차이 없습니다. 일반적인 신병훈련소 입소 집합 시각이 1시라고 하니 학생팬분들은 당일치기로 다녀오셔도 될 듯 합니다. 방학 시작이니까 많이많이 가셔서 우리 규종이 훈련 잘 마치고 오라고 예쁜 아가팬들이 응원해주시면 우리 규종이도 더욱 힘이 나지 않을까요? ^^

2. From Jeon Ju Bus Terminal to 35 Military Training Camp

Well, I'm not familiar with Jeon Ju city so I used Daum Map service to find the way to get there.

*** I found out there was a typo in my explanation on the map after uploading it.
So I replaced it. The taxi fare 5,000KRW is USD5. (not USD50). Terribly sorry for making you get confused. Besides, the fare will depend on the traffic situation.

규종아. 2년동안 한눈팔지 않고 너의 안녕을 기원하며 기다리고 있을게.
그저 다치거나 아프지말고 무사히 잘 마친후 멋진 모습으로 다시 우리앞에 나타나줘.
고마워. 사랑해. 너때문에 행복해.

P.S. If you have any questions regarding this post, please leave your message in the below comment box to share it with others. ThanKYU in advance.


Ian Sin Lao said...

Anyone here would go to JeonJu? I need somebody to accompany with since I think I will lost direction easily.

Anonymous said...

hi! we will go to Jeonju~ can u please tweet me? @moaningeunhae thanks!

etet said...

Hi Lois.....

You are always thinking of us foreign fans!
ThanKYU so much...
Wish I could be there to send our Kyu Jong off :(
But I am grateful for the times I was able to travel to Seoul....
His new CD and song will be very, very, very special. Do wonder what the other surprise will be?!?!?
I will patiently wait for his return knowing that he really isn't completely disappearing...
He is just needs to do his duty for South Korea, which makes me proud.....

Will you be able to see him off? If you do, please let
him know that this Ajumma from across the Pacific is
keeping him close to her heart. But I have a feeling he
already knows that we are all doing this because as he
said...'I am you'...


Thy N. said...

Hi, I wonder if there's any new updates about his enlistment??? Like what time will it be???
Also, if take line 3, which stop do I get off for the Express Bus Terminal?

lois said...

Hi dear.

Kyu Jong's enlistment time is 1pm on July 23. He will have a time with his fans before he enters to the camp. (from 12:30 ~ ).
The station you should get off is Express Bus Terminal in Line No. 3 of Seoul Metro.


kayrinne said...

how long does it take for the express bus to reach the venue? he will go in at 1pm sharp? i have class at 3.20pm.. T^T (actually i have classes from 9 to 1pm too OTL)