July 20, 2012

Scanned Images of Kyu Jong's 2nd Mini Album.

First of all, I'm very sorry for poor quality of scanning.
I hope someone will scan with better quality later.
I just want to share these images for my overseas friends who are really curious of what's inside of album.
The CD which has its own number (the first time to release) is a limited edition of Meet Me Again.
I wanted to get No. 501 or No. 224. But... can you find the numbering on the below image? T.T.
All serial numbers are inside of album, so we don't know who has a lucky number.
That depends on your luck. ^^
I realy envy someone who will get No. 501 or 224.

My precious one Kyu Jong.
Really ThanKYU.
You are my One Luv. ^^
규종아. 소중한 음반 정말 고마워.
모든 노래가 다 좋다.
2년동안 매일 들으며 네 생각 많이많이 할게.

Please do not hot link. Click to enlarge.

Have you finished seeing all the above images? Then please click his wonderful M/V. ^^


5enjoi=u said...

Thx for sharing. I really like his new song and MV. Luv it's all outdoor setting. May be Kyu keep no.501 himself. ^_^

lois said...

Hi dear.
It's been a long time!
Yeah. Kyu may get the one as you said.
If so, What a brilliant boy!


SSmarySS said...

Thankyu for sharing!
our Kyulie is a handsome prince in the photos <3