March 13, 2012

Unexpected Nicky Tour

My friend, Cinzia who is an artist from UK participated in an exhibition which was held until today in Seoul.
So I had to hurry up not to miss the chance to see her work.
Wow~ Her painting was really impressive and brilliant!
Although I don't know well about picture, I could tell how her drawing was great.
By the way, some part of the gallery looked very familar to me and I realized it was the same place as Kyu Jong shot his drama.
OMG! What a nice surprise! ^__________^
I guess being his fan is my destiny. LOL
ThanKYU Cinzia. Because of you I could encounter the place of Kyu Jong. ^^


etet said...

OM Gosh!!!! Your Nicky adventures are giving me so much pleasure and delight. They always brighten up my day! Did you gasp with delight?????

Now I'm going to get a little philosophical.....
I believe that events in our lives are not just random occurrences. They happen for a reason. Although at times the reason may not be evident. I also believe that when your heart is truly open..... Open to giving, accepting, loving, trusting.... It allows the floodgates of the world to open up to you.... Good things will come
because your heart is genuine and whatever you wish to call it... I call it spirituality... Will open the hearts of
others to you.
So my dear, dear Lois..... Unexpected? No because your heart is genuine and filled with love.... And I think there is more to come!!!!!

lois said...

ThanKYU Elsa.
I'm so touched by your comment.
Let's go Niki tour together when you come to Seoul again. ^^