March 01, 2012

Finding Nicky Tour

I went to Itaewon to follow in footsteps of Kyu Jong in his drama this afternoon.
The restaurant that Nicky works in the drama is run by Hong Seok Cheon who is also the owner of that restuarant in the drama. The name of it is My Thai and it's quite popular.
When I got there, all tables were occupied so I had to wait for 15 minutes to get in.
I sat on the bench which Nicky was sitting (the yellow bench). muhahhahahahah~
Although I couldn't meet Nicky but I was so~~~ happy to be in the same place with him.


etet said...

You should start your own travel business....
"Finding Niki Tours"...

Sign me up!!!!

Happy to see that you had a fun afternoon....
Ok what's the next stop on the 'Niki Tour'?

lois said...

Anywhere he goes!
Wherever he goes!


Lee Dewi / 이대위 said...

Another destination when I go SK
Maybe U should open the business, Lois.
Will be quite much ThanKYU/TS who want to join.

lois said...

Hi Dewi.
Please come to Korea.
There are lots of things to do regarding Kyu. hahaha