April 16, 2012

Nicky Player

Kyu Jong did a good job in his very first TV drama, Saving Mrs. GoBongShil.
His role Nicky was similar to KJ's real charactor and suited him very well.
I look forward to his next activity.
Here is a player which shows how Kyu Jong was awesome in his drama.
Please give a proper credit when you repost it.

Video credit : http://kerria07.blog.me/30136186233

Part 1 (Epi 7 ~ 20)

Part 2 (Epi 21 ~ 36)

규종아. 정말 잘했어. 멋진 청년 니키로 인해 그동안 행복했어. 네가 자랑스럽다.


Lee Dewi said...

Must be a world class player ^^ likey!!! 우리 니키 짱이다!! <3<3<3

ping0119 said...

Wow these are really very well-made.... Kudos!!
I enjoyed watching Nicky very much.
Looking forward to Kyu's new project~