June 24, 2011

Official Video of Musical Goong

I was told the tickets of musical Goong are sold out at every round.
Many fans who flew to Kyoto from their country to watch musical Goong said Kyu Jong's singing had improved a lot and his acting was very touching.
My prince! My boy! My Star Kyu Jong!!! I'm so~~~~~~~~~~ proud of you. T.T.
I should've seen his musical in person. T.T.
I hope it would be held in Seoul and Kyu Jong would act as Prince Shin again at least once.

Here is the highlight scence provided by Offical site of Musical Goong.

video source : http://www.musical-k.com/


Anonymous said...

Hi Lois

All TS should watch this musical. As a kyu fan, I teared every time he finished singing 1 of his highlight songs. He really improves a lot a lot a lot... i was so touched by his effort shown in this musical. He is not an idol in this musical.. he is a musical actor/singer.

It's a pity that it is showing in Japan instead of Korea. The whole production/team is simply great.

Missing the whole Goong team.. missing him...

lois said...

Hi dear,

You are a Kyu's fan too!!! Welcome!
Did you watch Musical Goong???
So envy you!!!!!

I'm always touched by him.
He's the most deligent and sincere person I've ever seen.

Let's support him forever. ^^


etet said...

Gosh Kyu looks so confident and more importantly, so very, very HAPPY!!!!

So, so happy to see that the musical is hit. Love his sweet voice and that smile *aahhhh*....

He has a very special place in my heart.... and always will....

And just like you Lois.... Wish I had just packed my bags and headed to Kyoto to see his performance! I won't be making that mistake again....

Kyu, you always make a gloomy day "Bright"... and you always seem to find a way to remind me that LIFE is MEANT to be LIVED...

Thankyu Lois

Anonymous said...

Hi Lois,

Just a slight correction. Based on what I saw.. the tickets were not sold out on some shows. Especially the weekday afternoon shows. But it was safely a 90%-95% sold theatre. Which is .... superb result :)

MultiLoisa said...

Thank you so much Lois for sharing!!!
:* i can finally watch the official!

Kyu Jongie!! You look handsome! A prince! love that look!