June 10, 2011

Musical Goong will be first performed in Japan tomorrow.

Go! Go! My prince Kyu Jong!
Finally, your turn has come.
Everything will go well. Just belive in yourself.
I'm so proud of being your fan.
My lovely boy Kyu Jong! You can do it. Hwaiting!!!

Video credit : musicalgoong@YouTube

규종아. 드디어 내일이면 공식적인 첫 솔로활동 시작이구나.
장하고 대견하다 우리 귤이. 너는 깊은 울림을 가진 아이야.
네 눈에서 읽히는 따스함과 진정성으로 그곳의 관객들을 감동시키고 돌아오리라 믿어.
사랑하고 또 사랑한다. 멋지게 성공하자.
뮤지컬 궁 화이팅! 김규종 화이팅!


etet said...

It's Kyu's time...
His "bright" star will shine even brighter!!!

and luv him in jeans as he shows off those oh so looooooong legs!!! Oh my, oh my.....

and if I'm not mistaken, the pics from the May 11th post of Kyu in that oh so tight t-shirt and those oh so tight jeans were taken at this photo shoot.... Holy Moly!!!

Kyu why do you drive me so dog "goong" crazy?!?!....

lois said...

Hi etet,

Yes you're right. It's the same clothes in the photo taken by b2m before.

Kyu Jong always makes me crazy. LOL