May 29, 2011

Young Saeng's Autograph for me

I'd like to show off Young Saeng's autograph to you guys.
I was picked for his fan signing event luckly.
Sadly I've never picked in any other events before.
So this is the first time to get a near view of our boys for me.

I thought so many things to say to him while I was waiting for my turn outside at the venue.
But I totally forgot what I had prepared things to say as soon as I saw him then I got embarrased.
What an idiot! hahahaha
When I first looked at him inside the shop, he smiled at me. How sweet he is!
He is much handsomer in person. He seemed to be slimer than the day of comeback at Music Bank.
I'm very tired physically now, but mentaly so happy to see him. ^^
Anyway here is the autograph that Young Saeng gave me.
Please envy me!!! LOL

My lovely boy Young Saeng. Thank you for smiling at me.
I know you did your best to give so many autographs to your fans dispite of hand's injury.
I really appreciated it.


angelia said...

hi! envying you! hahah. xD
happy for you and thanks for sharing! :)

Lee Dewi / 이대위 said...

U got it Lois....Me SSo envy U...^^ Lucky Girl....chukae!! \(^.~)/

Chara said...

Of course, ENVIOUS! ^^ Great job, Lois, you did it! So cool. I bet this will turn into one of your most precious memories.^^

:-) Good good good!

Chara said...

Will you write a Fan account about that? :-)

hm~~ I'm interested in how he has been? What did he look like? Tired, happy, etc.?

I'm worried he looked even slimer than on MuBa Comeback day... Not healthy... T_T

5enjou said...

I'm happy for you, also very envy you hor. ^_^
Lucky girl !!!

Cz said...

So so happy for you!!! I wish I had been there with you like on the first day of his comeback.

winniec4 said...

i envy you ^^ <3 YS

Adeline said...

i'm so jealous BUT really very happy for u!!
i jolly well can feel how happy and excited you must be!!
thanks for sharing your experiences with us and even update us how YS is now..
really fell for YS even more now!!

etet said...

Luv it!!! Luv it!!! Luv it!!!
So happy for you... I know you're smiling and so I am!!!! Amazing how much joy these "Boys" bring to us.... *sighs* You must be in pure "Heaven"!

lois said...

ThanKYU girls~
ThanKYU ThanKYU ^^


Belle said...

Hi Lois, I'm so happy for you that you got your chance. I cannot believe that you have not seen any of our boys up close till now with Young Saeng O.O...

Is YS really your first close encounter? I'm shocked that I even got close to Baby, JM, Leader .. only Kyu & YS not yet. Oh my... I'm so lucky!!

fowbwsf said...

Hi lucky Lois,

How envious I am indeed.... but happy for you though.. At least u got the chance to go near him... Enjoy the memory!!

Thanks for sharing :)

Jazryn said...

totally envy you!! how i wish youngsaeng would come to singapore so that i might have the chance too!!