May 08, 2011

How to order Young Saeng's Album for overseas fans

As you already got informed, buying album is very important to be referred to Music chart.
To make sure that our purchase is counted, we have to buy his album at specific Korean shops such as Synnara, HotTracks and Lees Music.
However, it's not easy for overseas fans to order it at Korean sites or off-line shops.
Thankfully, one of Young Sang's fan sites, 그아이닷컴(rmdkdl) which I usually visit has posted about ordering his album for overseas fans.
So you should refer the below to buy YS's album to support him.


Notice from 그아이닷컴 (

⊙ For overseas fans ⊙

"rmdkdl" proceed our group buying in cooperation with several foreign fansites.
So if you are abroad and live in one of the following countries, we recommend you buy through the fansite in your country.
It would be the best way for Young Saeng that you buy his CD.

Here are links of the pre-order board by each fansite willing to join our group buying

Taiwan (

Thailand (HYSmystyle)

China&HongKong ( need to register

China&HongKong (BDHYSbar)

Vietnam (SS501_Vietnam)

Vietnam (SaengfamVN)

We are truly grateful to all the fansites for accepting our invitation.
And any fanbase who loves Young Saeng and wants to participate in our group buying,
please feel free to contact us to Twitter(@rmdkdl)
or E-mail( and join it from now.
You are always welcome!

In case you cannot buy through the sites above, you can order directly to us.
But you have to order 1cd, 5cds, or 10cds per package because of the delivery.
You also have to consider paying the delivery fee personaly.
It will be at least 13,000krw approximately.
The amount you have to pay will be different depending on how many you buy and where you live.
So please e-mail us with writing your address and the number you buy
You can communicate with us in English, Chinese, and Japanese.

period for orders
from May 6th(Fri) to May 11st(Wed)

Paypal account to transfer

total amount to pay
price of the album: 7,000krw/cd
delivery fee: from about 13,000krw and more

For specific information, please be sure to inquire and confirm via e-mail.


*** My chitchatt ***

If you live in Singapore, you can purchase YS's album via SGTripleS Forum
They are also taking order of YS's album and it will be referred to music chart.

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