May 23, 2011

Kyu Jong says "Thank You" to fans at Kimpo Airport.

Kyu Jong came back from Tokyo after finishing Musical Goong promotion for Japan last week.
He arrived at Kimpo airport where many fans had been waiting for him for a long time at late night.
Here is the fan cam that he says to fans. You can hear Kyu Jong's sweet voice at 00:20 in this clip. I was told the person who had taken this was a Hong Kong fan. So envy her!!!!

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Video credit : 안녕,왕자님 (


Belle said...

Hi Lois, Kyu Jong is such a sweet heart always ^^ I'm so happy to see so many fans waiting for him despite the late hours and they are so nice, never mob him. This is how things should be always... Have fun meeting the girls today & twit me when you all are together pls. I miss all of you >.< ... hugs!

Chara said...


Yeah, Kyu is a great guy, a total sweetheart, and I love how he cares for fans. ^^
But, Lois, do you think, he looks kind of sad nowadays? I've seen his photos for arrival and leaving from/to Japan and always thought: He looked happier two or three weeks before? Is that right?

I hope he's well.

etet said...

Luv the way Kyu is waving his hands and when he turns and looks directly into the cam.... Luv it! He is such a sweety... He's also looking really "sharp"... Is it me or does he look more "mature"? *sighs dreamily*.... Ahhhhhhh....