March 10, 2011

I love this video. Young Saeng is so adorable.

video credit : 마들렌 (

Finally Young Saeng twitted several mentions tonight. hahaha

mystyle1103 나에게 궁금한거 있는 사람~~~손!!딱 한명만 대답해줄게~~ㅋ
Is there anyone who wants to put a question to me? Raise your hand. I'll pick only one and reply.

mystyle1103 아....심심해...........ㅋ
Ah~ I'm bored. keke

He also twitted his twit frend "I'm recording my album these days. It's hard."
I can't wait for his album.
BTW, Kyu Jong! Where are you? T.T.


liezle said...

oh lois this is sooooooooooo cute! gawd, i can't wait to see his comeback. i get so excited especially he said that it's more of a dance music. woot! woot!

5enjou said...

while he dance he still try to avoid things on the floor...keke

me too!! hope his new album incl. some rock song ^_^

Anonymous said...

though he doesnt talk much, his stage presence and talents speak volumes^^...good example is the vid you shared here^^ - anticipating a daebak solo comeback!

thanks for this cute vid (A)