November 28, 2011

Kyu Jong at Dream Team

Kyu Jong recorded "Go! Dream Team2" yesterday.
This is the 3rd time to attend that program for him. Dream Team must love him so much. keke.
I strongly recommend you to watch this video. He's super super cute! ^^
Huge thanks to for taking and sharing it with us.

Video credit : 안녕,왕자님 (

Well, here is an another video taken by Wangjanim too.
You can hear his voice at the beginning of this video.
He says "예, 안녕히 계세요" to fans. It means good bye.


slimz1808 said...

HEE.. DT should get him to be in the program as permanent cast =P

He keeps talking to fans (**super ENVY**), really living up to his words of treating fans as frens? heeee

Cant wait to see this episode, he seems really really happy everytime doing DT ^^

ping0119 said...

He seems happy^^
So glad that it's his 3rd time already!! Kyakyakya

ping0119 said...

BTW I just saw the description on the top of the your blog after being away for 1 week... Don't know what happened.. but I hope it's not serious:(

etet said...

Love, love seeing him so Happy!!!!!
Hmmmm.... Love?
hehe.... ;)