November 11, 2011

Fan Cam of Yesterday Performance at Love Sharing Concert on Nov. 6

I was quite disappointed when I watched the video which had been aired on TV after coming back home from Love Sharing Concert last Sunday. Cause I couldn't hear any fan chant sound during watching the video from SBS.
But the below fan cam taken by WoelCheok made me smile. You should watch this.
The sound of fan chant in this video is similar to what I heard at the venue.
I love it.

Video credit : eums2516@YT (WeolCheok)


ping0119 said...

That was loud! :D I was wondering why there wasn't fan chant when I watched the concert... :(
Fancams are always better than TV XD

slimz1808 said...

Hi Lois!
agree with u! i watched alot of other fancams from the other fan clubs, the chanting and cheering were all loud and clear!

5enjou said...

really nice fancam! ^^
lovely fan chant!

Ni said...


The fan chant is really loud and I can hear it very clear^^

Really Thankyu for all girls to be there with KYU!

Weather is getting cold~be careful of the health n don't catch a cold - To Lois n all the ThanKYU ^0^

lois said...

ThanKYU for all your comments friends~

People should know that Kyu Jong always performs with a loud fan chant. haha