August 31, 2011

Musical Goong - Practice photos & video

Yeay~ Bunch of photos for Kyu girls!!!
Kyu Jong is practicing musical Goong with his co-workers in front of some media today.
I can't wait for his musical in person!

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잘생겼숑~ 잘생겼숑~
우리 규종이 잘생겼숑~


etet said...

ThanKyu Lois......

Just love the shots of the 'smile'. You know that 'genuine' smile of his which makes you do a double take! And instantly makes you smile back.... :)

Hadn't realized how much I had missed him until this set of photos came out... My 'fan girling' motor is getting fired up again!!!!!

Cinzia Bacilieri said...

Hi Lois,
every time I see pics of this Musical I always think of you! I bet you cant wait to go and see KJ performing the role of the prince ^^
I wish I were there with you ~ we could go to the performance together ~~~ㅋㅋㅋ
Hope everything is well
Miss you miss you

lois said...

Hi etet,

Kyu Jong's smile always makes us happy.

"My 'fan girling' motor is getting fired up again!" ===> Agree!!!


Hi Cinzia.

I miss you miss you miss you too!!!
Come to Seoul again~