August 02, 2011

Musical Goong - Official notice from Group Eight

Korean to English translation :

* Title : Musical Goong, 2011
* Producer : Creative Leaders Group Eight
* Performance Period : Sept. 16, 2011 ~ Oct. 22, 2011
* Venue of Performance : Theater YONG in National Museum
* Performance Time (No performance on Monday) :
   - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday : 8PM
   - Saturday : 3PM & 7PM
   - Sunday : 3PM
* Ticket Price :
   - VIP Seat : 80,000KRW
   - R Seat :   60,000KRW
   - S Seat :   40,000KRW
* Main Casts : Kim Kyu Jong, Kwak Sun Young, Jung Dong Hwa & more.

****** My Chitchat ******

It's really exciting to see Kyu Jong's musical in Seoul.
I don't know yet when he will perform so I'm still waiting for the details.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that Korean fans get to see his performance in this musical.I'm sure Korean fans will definitely give him the best support.

Can't wait to see his performances again....

lois said...

Of course we will!!!!!


<- -> said...

I hav so much expectation for Kyusi's Goong in Kor.

Prince Lee Shin Kyu Jong is really handsome.

Waiting waiting so much.

Lois ah, thankyu for this happy news.

etet said...

Think I said in a previous post that I should have travelled to Japan and that I wouldn't let this happen again.... Ok so am I crazy to be thinking about making a weekend trip to Seoul?????? Crazy because I'm from the US!?!?! Have the resources, have the vacation time but how to explain to the boss?!?!? OMG... And now his debut as a singer!!! Kyu you are making me "Crazy"!!!

Ok gals you may see me Seoul.........

Anonymous said...

hi etet, you are not crazy. I met a fan that flew to kyoto from canada for 4 days to catch his musical. you are not alone, don't worry.

lois said...

Hi girls!
You are not crazy. Just give it a try! See you in Seoul.^^


MM said...

Wow! This is sooo good news for me! I'll be in Korea on Oct 13 which falls on a Thursday and will surely watch this to support Kyu!

- MM

lois said...

MM! Are you coming to Seoul again?
Great! See you then!


MM said...

Hey Lois! Yup! I arrive Oct 20 morning and leave for Toronto Oct 21 morning too..Hope to see you there..awould be more fun if we could watch Kyu Jong's musical together :)