February 15, 2012

The videos of Kyu Jong's Fanmeeting in Taiwan on Feb. 14

What a romantic night!!!
I can tell how happy fans & Kyu Jong were last night through the videos, photos and live updates. ThanKYU for everyone who greeted Kyu Jong everywhere in Taiwan and attended his fanmeeting. I wish I had been there.
Also ThanKYU for the fans who took videos and photos despite of security. I was told it was very tight and strict. I really appriciate it.!!!
멋진 규종이 모습 담아주셔서 정말 감사해요.

Here are some videos of the Romantic Party with Kyu Jong last night in Taiwan.

Please give a proper credit when you repost.

[The Romantic Party]

Video from khj1029@YT

Video from TheSHERLINDA501@YT

Video from shu35151226@YT

Video from 0504Winnie@YT

Video from wendy32414@YT

And....maybe after fanmeeting???

Video from wendy32414@YT

Video from TwPeas501@YT

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